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sabira mehtar

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625 Views 1 year ago

More than half of the population, 24.4 million people, need humanitarian assistance, including 12.9 million children. Multiple disease outbreaks (measles, acute watery diarrhoea, dengue, COVID-19) are ongoing.

Without access to minimum life-saving services, Afghans will suffer cataclysmic effects. 35 million people rely on basic primary health care services for life-saving care; without sustained access to these services, an estimated 212 children will die every day.

The deteriorating situation has left 8.7 million people in emergency food insecurity level 4 (IPC 4). Undernutrition contributes to 45 per cent of child deaths in Afghanistan. Currently, acute malnutrition is above emergency thresholds in 27 of 34 provinces and rapidly worsening.