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Welcome to Pixstory! We want to help you find what’s most interesting to you and connect you with people who share those interests. By using our Service, you agree to the terms outlined below.

Please note: Section IX contains a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver which affects how disputes are resolved.

I. The Service We Provide

We give you permission to use our Service when you agree to follow these terms. This does not constitute a right to any of our intellectual property, or title or interest in Pixstory. We retain exclusive rights to our Service (excluding content posted on it).

II. Who Can Use Pixstory

You cannot use Pixstory if you are under 13 years of age.

III. Your Account

You can sign up for a personal account using your phone number or email address. You can also use your existing Facebook account, Google account, or Apple ID (if you use iOS) to sign up for Pixstory.

In order to create a business account on Pixstory, the information you submit will be subject to a verification process which may involve contacting you. The same verification process will be used in the application for badges, which are awarded to certain users.

IV. Permissions

When you create or upload public content on Pixstory, you grant us a royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable worldwide license to use, distribute, modify, display, copy, or create derivative works of that content (although you retain ownership rights). The scope of that license depends on the settings you choose while publishing a post.

V. Supporting/Challenging Posts

You can interact with posts on Pixstory by supporting or challenging their validity. If your challenge to a post is upheld, the original post will be replaced and that poster’s Integrity Score will be negatively affected.

VI. Pixpoints

We use a feature called Pixpoints: you are automatically awarded 20 Pixpoints at the time of sign-up. Two Pixpoints are deducted when you use someone else’s photo in your story: one Pixpoint goes to the original uploader and the other goes to Pixstory. The same thing happens when you share someone else’s story to your page.

Pixpoints are not equivalent to currency and do not constitute legal tender. They can only be used on the platform.

VII. Copyright

We take copyright seriously, and continuously strive to remove any Pixstory content that may violate copyright laws. Pixstory encourages users to credit the photos they use on the platform: there is a specific field you can use to do so.

Any users who violate copyright laws may have their Pixstory accounts suspended or terminated. If you think that someone is infringing on your copyright, please let us know: you can alert us to any copyright violations by using the Report function on the app or by sending an email to

VIII. Safety

You can help us keep Pixstory a safe place for all users by agreeing to the following:

IX. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This agreement will be interpreted according to the laws of the country in which you reside. Any disputes that arise will be settled by binding arbitration, rather than in court. Any dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated or representative action.

X. Disclaimer of Warranties

Pixstory is provided “as is”. We can’t guarantee it will work perfectly, securely and without interruption 100% of the time. Nor can we guarantee that the quality of the Service will meet your expectations and that any apparent errors or defects in the Service will be corrected.

Pixstory disclaims all warranties (both express and implied). This includes the implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

XI. Limited Liability

Pixstory will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, loss of revenue, or other losses that may result from your use of the Service or your inability to use the Service (including the loss of your account).

You remain solely responsible for the content you post on Pixstory, and assume all risks related to it (including others’ reliance on its accuracy, or claims relating to intellectual property or other legal rights).

Additionally, Pixstory will not be responsible for the actions of other users on the Service, or the content they choose to post (even if that is your own content). Pixstory is also not responsible for the conduct or content of any third-party websites that you may access through Pixstory.

XII. Availability

Access to the Service depends on where you live. Certain parts of the Service or certain types of content may be blocked by us or foreign governments. The Service will not be available in all languages.

XIII. Updates

We may modify or update the Service (or any feature thereof) at any time without notice to you.

XIV. Severability

If any part of these terms is found to be unenforceable, the rest will remain in effect.

XV. Account Suspension/Termination

We aim to keep Pixstory a safe and abuse-free environment. In the service of this goal, we may suspend or terminate your account if we believe that you have violated these Terms of Use (or where we are required to do so by law).

We use a type of credibility score on Pixstory, known as an Integrity Score. Stories and pages created by users having high Integrity Scores receive higher preference and are displayed first on the platform. If your Integrity Score falls below a particular level, your account will be suspended.

These terms may be updated from time to time. If you do not agree with the updated Terms, or wish to permanently delete your account, please email If you want to temporarily make your account private, you can do that by republishing your posts so they are visible only to you.

Pixstory Community Standards

Here at Pixstory, we value your voice. We are committed to creating a safe, rich and diverse environment in which to foster conversation: you can help us in this endeavor by agreeing to follow our Community Standards and respecting other members of the Pixstory community.

Any violation of these Standards may lead to the deletion or loss of your account, or any other restrictions being placed on your account.

Hate Speech

We do not tolerate hate speech of any kind: this includes threatening or offensive content that targets private individuals, as well as hateful speech directed to members of a protected class, ethnicity or orientation. Hate speech may include: i) indirect and direct threats of bodily or financial harm; ii) dehumanizing speech or offensive generalizations; iii) calls for shunning, excluding, or otherwise targeting a certain population or demographic; iv) content intended to create prejudice or incite people to harm others.


Pixstory is a place for authentic content and interaction – which is why we fight to remove misinformation or fake news of any kind. We may not remove images that have been altered in minor ways (for instance, images that have been filtered), but we will take action to remove any images that have been edited or altered in ways that fundamentally affect their meaning or interpretation.


Please make sure that you have the right to share any content you post. As explained in our Terms of Use, any users who violate copyright laws may have their Pixstory accounts suspended or terminated.

Explicit Content

We may remove any content that depicts gratuitous violence or is graphic in nature (except in cases where said content is of value to the public or raises awareness of newsworthy events).

Abusive Content

We do not tolerate abuse of any kind (whether in the form of direct messages, public posts, or releasing private information about an individual). Unwanted repeat messages, sexual solicitation, or harassment of any kind may also fall under this classification. If you see any content that violates this guideline (whether aimed at yourself or someone else), you may report it on the app or by sending an email to

Porn/Child Exploitation

Users may not post any pornographic content, or any content that is inappropriately sexual or explicit. We do not permit erotica on Pixstory.

Any sexual content that involves a minor will be reported to law enforcement officials. Soliciting a minor for sexually explicit images or other sexual content will likewise be reported.


Pixstory may delete, ban, or otherwise restrict any accounts that impersonate other people, businesses, or organizations. Parody and satire are permitted, only to the extent that the satirical nature of the content is evident.


We do not allow threats of violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence.


You may not threaten or promote terrorism in any form on Pixstory. Pixstory has zero tolerance for any organization, individual, or activity that promotes violence.

Promotion and Glorification of Self-Harm

We do not allow activities that encourage, promote or glorify acts of self-harm, such as cutting, eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, and suicide.

Sale or use of prohibited items

We prohibit the buying or selling of certain goods, such as narcotics, firearms and ammunition, on Pixstory. Any content that depicts narcotics or firearms or promotes the sale or use of narcotics or weapons of any kind may be removed (with exceptions in cases where the content serves to inform the public or raise awareness).


We may put labels or warning messages with posts containing disputed or controversial information.

How to report a violation

If you find a post or account on Pixstory that violates these rules, please flag it. You can use the reporting feature in the app to provide more details. Additionally, you can send us an email at

If you violate our standards

We strive to be fair, but we reserve the right to take action against accounts or remove content, without notice, for any reason, particularly to protect our services, users or community.

In deciding whether a user has violated our Standards we will take into account various factors such as newsworthiness, context, the likelihood of potential harm, and applicable laws.


If you believe your content or account has been restricted or disabled in error, or believe there is relevant context we were not aware of in reaching our decision, you can write to us at

Government takedown requests

If we receive a request from a government or the courts to restrict access to content associated with your account, we will notify you unless we are prohibited by law or we believe doing so may be harmful to our community.

We may enforce, or not enforce, these Standards at our sole discretion. Nothing in these Standards creates a duty or contractual obligation for us to act. We may change any of them at any time without notice.

In line with relevant Indian law, we are required to inform users that they may not post, publish, or share anything that threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security, or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign States, or public order, or causes incitement to the commission of any cognisable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting other nations.