To post your own stories, and to support and challenge others' stories, download the Pixstory app. Available on

1 What does Pixstory stand for?

Pixstory is a new generation social media app which addresses a critical gap in existing social media spaces and provides an accurate, safe, evidence-based and troll-free environment for users. Pixstory is built on values, and incentivizes users to post truthful and high-quality content. Pixstory users can support or challenge posts, creating a visual response that is subjected to rigorous levels of AI and human moderation from recognized experts in their respective fields.

2 What features does this app have?

Pixstory provides an accurate, safe, evidence-based and troll-free environment. At its core, it is about evidence-based storytelling. Users can:

3 How do I create a Pixstory account?

Creating a Pixstory account is very easy. You can sign up using a phone number or an email address, or you can just use your existing Google or Facebook accounts to sign in. If you’re using an Apple device, you can also sign up using your Apple ID. Each of these methods can be used to generate a separate account on Pixstory.

These are the requirements at the time of signing up: The home country that a user sets can be different from the country code for telephone number.

4 Is there any benefit of using a particular way to sign up?

The default Integrity Score, a measure of credibility unique to Pixstory, for a new user depends on the signup method. Here’s how it works:

5 I signed up with my email/phone number. But when I try to log in again, it says, “User does not exist”. What do I do?

In case you have not set a password, please check how you signed up in the first place. The way you are trying to log in (email, Google, phone, etc.) should be the same as the way you signed up.

6 How do I reset my password?

From the hamburger menu on the top left of the app, go to Account and then Account Settings. There will be a “change password” option at the end. If you did not set a password during sign-up, you can use this method to do so now.

7 Why am I getting an invalid token message?

If you get an invalid token message, please delete the app and reinstall it. After that, long press the Pixstory app icon to get the App Info option. Use the clear data function to clear all app data. This will solve the problem.

8 How do I set up my profile?

Go to the hamburger menu on the home page and tap on the default profile image next to your username. This will take you to your profile page. You can enter the details you wish to share and also hide your profile or specific details such as age in your privacy settings.

9 How can I upload photos?

Click on the “+” icon on the bottom bar on the Home or You page. Select Story+ from the pop-up that appears. Now you can use either the camera to click an image and upload or you can go to your device gallery and choose an image to upload to the app gallery.

10 How can I apply an interest filter on my photos?

You can add one or more interests while creating a story, photo or a page. These interests will be automatically added to the list of interests in your profile. People with interests that match those in your posts will get these posts in their default home page feed. You can also check for people with similar interests in the connect tab. You can also prevent others from seeing your interests by adjusting your privacy settings.

11 How do I create a post?

Use the “+” icon at the bottom of the app. Choose the option “Story+”. This will take you to the app gallery. You have the option to select photos from those saved in the Pixstory gallery, favorites, phone gallery, and the option to click an image from your camera. Once a photo is selected, you can crop it if you want it to fit in the display frame on Pixstory. You can add captions, credits and interests by selecting each photo.

When you are done with the photos, go to the next page and add a Title and Narrative. You can either type the text or record it. The voice recording can be converted to text, but we suggest you edit it before publishing. A voice narrative can be as long as one minute.

Then, add Interests to the post. The interests will be displayed along with the post and get automatically added to your profile. You can hide them in your profile using your privacy settings.

You can then choose the effects for your photo gallery and then preview the post before publishing.

In preview, you have an edit button that allows you to go back in the workflow and edit the photos and text. You can also edit your post after publishing.

Alternatively, you can use the create photos option. Your photos will be saved in the You > Photos > Created tab when you upload them. You can select the photos you want and click on the Create Story button.

12 How can I tag another user in my posts?

You can tag your friends and followers in stories and notes. Type an @ symbol and the first letter of the tag. A popup will open with a list of your friends and followers. Choose the name from the popup and publish. Once published you can click on the tag to go to the tagged user's You page.

13 How do I delete my post?

You cannot delete a story after it has been posted. But you can edit and republish the post with the “Only for Me” option so no one else can view it. You can delete photos that you have published but remember to remove them from the stories in which they have been used.

14 What is Integrity Score?

Integrity Score is a type of credibility score on Pixstory, the higher the better. Stories and pages created by users having higher Integrity Score will get first preference on display and listing parameters.

15 How do I increase my Integrity Score?

You earn 5 points each for adding your work experience and your educational qualifications in your profile. If you add citations, it’s 10 more. Every 20 stories without a successful challenge fetches 20 points. A support by a topic expert is worth 2 points. Every 10 follows by topic experts is worth 20 points. Every 5 follows from public figures also fetches 20 points.

16 Why is my Integrity Score going down?

Integrity Score goes down if your post is successfully challenged or if it is removed from public view for violating Pixstory’s terms of use.

17 Can I become a Topic Expert?

Yes. Earning 750 integrity points allows you to apply for a Topic Expert badge. You can apply from the Badge Details tab in your profile. Once you apply, you will have to go through a verification process before a badge is awarded. Recognized experts in particular fields will also be awarded Topic Expert badges.

18 What happens when I challenge someone’s post?

A post that has been challenged goes to the moderation team for verification. If a post has been challenged multiple times, and the information contained in it is contentious, it will earn a disputed status. A particular post may be replaced by a challenge after a review based on multiple criteria with the help from experts in that particular topic. In case of violations of Pixstory’s terms of use, the post will be hidden from public view and will be visible only to the author. If a post is replaced or made inactive, a maximum of 20 points will be deducted from the author’s Integrity Score.

19 What happens when someone challenges my post?

A story that has been challenged goes into moderation for verification. If a story has been challenged multiple times, and the information contained in it is contentious, it will earn a disputed status. A particular story may be replaced by a challenge after a review based on multiple criteria with help from experts in that particular topic. In case of violations of Pixstory’s term of use, the post will be hidden from public view and will be visible only to the author. If a post is replaced or made inactive, a maximum of 20 points will be deducted from the author’s Integrity Score.

20 Why was my challenge not approved?

There is no approval required for challenges. You are free to challenge any post. However, a particular post may be replaced by a challenge after a review based on multiple criteria with the help from experts in that particular topic. If your challenge does not match the criteria or someone else has a better challenge, your challenge may not be used to replace the original story.

21 How do I see the story that I challenged?

Open your challenge post. Click on the challenge tab. The parent story you challenged will be displayed in a shaded box.

22 Who removed my post?

Your post can be removed from public view if it violates Pixstory policies. It would still be available for you to view. If you think your post has been wrongly removed, you can appeal the decision by writing to

23 Why can't I message someone on Pixstory?

You have to be friends with another user to message them. You can send them a chat request, which that user has to approve. You can also become friends if both of you follow each other. The other user could also have disabled messaging from his/her privacy settings.

24 Why aren't my messages updating?

Pixstory does not provide a real time chat function. Exiting and returning to the chat screen should display new messages. Also, check your privacy settings to see if you have turned off the messaging functionality.

25 Why are my Pixpoints being deducted?

A log of what happens to your Pixpoints is detailed in the Pixpoints tab under Account. You are awarded 20 Pixpoints when you sign up. Two points are deducted when you use someone else’s photo in your story or when you share another user’s story on your page. You earn one point when another user uses your photo in their story or shares your story to their page.

26 Is the app secure for use?

Pixstory uses industry standard features and encryption to secure your data. It also focuses on moderation to protect you from online abuse and is rated for ages 12+.

27 Does it cost anything to use the app?

It is free to use. You can buy a subscription for special features and an ad-free experience.

28 I subscribed to Pixstory, but the subscription isn't activated. What do I do?

Please send an email to

29 How can I download the app?

You can download the app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Search for Pixstory.

30 Who can see or use my photos?

Control of assets like photos and stories is implemented through the publish options. You can publish stories and pages only for yourself or only for friends (or members in the case of pages). Photos remain invisible to other users till you publish them in a story using the “public” option. You can add a photo uploaded by another user to your favorites. Such a photo can be used in your own story but you will not be able to modify it. Moreover, two Pixpoints will be deducted per photo. One point will go to the original uploader and one to Pixstory.

31 What are the publishing options for a story?

Public: The story will be visible to all users of Pixstory. It could also be indexed on Google or other search engines.

For friends: The story will be visible only to your friends.

Only for me: Only the creator can see the story. If you want to remove a story you have posted from public view you can use this option. Go to the published story, press the “edit” button, go to publishing options and set the status as "only for me".

Alternatively, if you think your story is not ready to be published for public view, you can use this option to save it as a draft. Whenever you want, you can return to the story, edit it and re-publish it using the "public" or "for friends" options.

32 Will my changes be saved if I exit without publishing a story?

The story will be saved in draft mode once you start creating it using the “+” button. If you go back to a previous page while publishing, you will be prompted to save or discard the changes made on the current page. If you exit without publishing, you will be prompted to continue with or delete the saved draft the next time you use the create story button. If you use the “cancel” button, you will exit the story.

33 How do I message someone on Pixstory?

Messages can be sent only between two friends. User A has to be a friend of User B and User B has to be a friend of User A if both have to chat with each other.

To send a message to a friend, click on the “chat” button on the bottom bar and use the create message icon. Alternatively, you can chat with a friend using the “chat” button next to their mini-profile.

You can use text or voice to send messages. Users can attach links in messages but not photos or other external media files. Unread messages will appear in a yellow box.

34 Where do I see my published stories?

All your published stories, irrespective of publishing status, are listed under the "You" tab with the created filter applied as a default. Others can see only the stories published for "public" view or "for friends", as the case may be.

35 Where do I see stories shared with me?

You can see stories that have been shared with you on the “Friends” tab on the Home page.

36 How do I become friends with another user?

You can become friends with another user by using the “follow” button next to the user’s mini-profile. If the user follows back, you become friends.

You can send a friend request using the “chat” button next to a user’s mini-profile. If the friend request is approved, you become friends.

37 How do I create a Pixstory page?

Click on the “+” button on the bottom bar. Choose the "Page+" option. Indicate if your page is a brand or corporate page. Add a photo and crop it with the pre-set frame. This becomes your cover photo. Add a title, a description of what your page is about, and interests. Once you publish a page, you can add members and stories.

38 How do I add members to a page?

You can add members to a page if you have created it. Click on the “members+” button on your page. A search box will pop up. Search for the users you want to add.  When you press the “add+” button in a user listing, a page invite will be sent to that user. Once approved, that user will become a member of your page.

You can remove a user from your page too. Press on the “see more” button for the members tab on a page. You will get a list of members of your page with a remove option.

39 How do I join a page?

You can join a page by pressing the “join” button on top of a page. A request will be sent to the admin of the page. Once it is approved, you become a member of that page. Once you become a member, the join button will be displayed as a “leave” button, which you can use to quit the page.

40 How do I add a story to a Pixstory page?

Both members and admins can share stories to a page. There are two ways to do this. Click on the share icon next to a story and choose the option "share to a page". You will get a list of pages that you have created or are a member of. Deep press, select the page you want and share.

Alternatively, click on the "stories+" button on a page. Search for the story and share using the share icon from the search listing.

You can remove a story by using the "see more" button that gives a list of all the stories on your page. The stories will be listed with a "remove" button.