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Ragi Gupta

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#DeGenderSports Stories

49 Views 1 week ago

From legislative attacks preventing transgender youth from participating in sport to news outlets sensationalizing trailblazers – transgender, nonbinary, and intersex athletes are repetitively scrutinized by mainstream narratives that paint bodies as controversies.

To challenge this ongoing legacy of historic misrepresentation, #DeGenderSports will center firsthand narratives by about 50 transgender, nonbinary and queer athletes in an effort to reclaim the space currently dominated by misinformed narratives.

The aim is to dismantle mainstream biases through a repository of over 200 #DeGenderSports stories by athletes who are often stereotyped in journalism, and invisibilized by the gatekeeping of visibility dictated by social media algorithms.

I’m grateful to every athlete who will be taking the time to express how sports shapes the way they navigate their lives within and beyond the gender essentialist restrictions repeatedly imposed on their identities.

I hope you will #PlayYourPart in celebrating multitudes, disrupting singular narratives, and co-creating a world where everyone can play in a way that feels comfortable to them.